Benefits of Joining

By joining the Pathfinders Task Force® National Response Registry, PTF Responders are provided a wide range of opportunities including deployment, training, and networking opportunities.

PTF Responders are urged to complete their membership profile, which includes submitting a current resume and photo for ID. Once completed, all PTF Responder profiles are reviewed by PTF headquarters for approval then listed on the National Responder Registry. The National Responder Registry is used by the Pathfinders Task Force® to staff, its disaster missions and registration with this database affords PTF Responders with opportunities to deploy on disaster missions.

PTF Training and educational resources offered by Certified First Responder™ afford PTF Responders the opportunity to become familiar with the Pathfinders Task Force® disaster missions. In addition to emergency response focused training, Certified First Responder™ also offers a wide range of all-hazards instructional material that will help develop emergency preparedness and continuing education for PTF Responders.

PTF Responders are provided access to the Virtual Badge application, the software suite used by the Pathfinders Task Force® to provide situational awareness services. Membership includes a mobile license for Android and iOS smartphones tablets as well as access to the Virtual Badge Control Center to analyze collected data. Monthly webinar training sessions are held for PTF Responders to familiarize themselves with the Virtual Badge application.

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