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The Eagles’ Wings Foundation

The Eagles’ Wings Foundation is a 501(C)(3) Not for Profit organization based out of West Palm Beach, FL. Our mission is to provide short-term emergency support to communities that have been affected by disaster impact.

All of the work done by the Eagles’ Wings Foundation is made possible by a 100% volunteer staff that works day and night to provide support to communities with the greatest need.

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The Pathfinders Task Force

The Pathfinders Task Force is the branch of the Eagles’ Wings Foundation that deploys to disaster-affected areas. The Pathfinders Task Force is responsible for managing the coordination of Eagles’ Wings Foundation volunteers, as well as the hundreds of local, spontaneous volunteers.

Volunteers with the Eagles’ Wings Foundation can choose to deploy with the Pathfinders Task Force to disaster-affected areas and provide support to communities through providing emergency support such as food and water distribution missions.

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