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Ongoing Hurricane Dorian Relief Update — Bahamas


On September 1, the eye of Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the Abaco Islands with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph, making it the strongest hurricane on record to affect the Bahamas. On September 2, the eye of Dorian moved over the eastern end of Grand Bahama Island and drifted across the island, wreaking catastrophic destruction.

As soon as the storm cleared, Scott Lewis and the Pathfinders Task Force deployed to Abaco to assess the damage and begin relief work, clearing roads and debris, and distributing food, water and medical supplies. With substantial monetary donations from Bill Koch and Oxbow Carbon LLC, Hedrick Brothers Construction, The Community Foundation, Jones Foster PA, 3Natives Juice Company, The Hulitar Family Foundation, Baker Constructors LLC, The Baumer Trust, KaPow Boca, David Marshall & Associates--and many others--and a huge volunteer effort led by the downtown West Palm Beach business community, Rocco’s Tacos, Florida Power & Light, U&Me Moving (plus too many more to name!), The Eagles’ Wings Foundation (EWF) has already shipped 22 shipping containers (over 300 tons) of donated goods to Grand Bahamas and Abaco. The outpouring of donations, both physical and volunteer hours, made a huge difference to help the people immediately after the hurricane, but specific emergent needs still exist.

We have developed and continue to foster more extensive relationships with community leaders in Cooperstown, Foxtown and Treasure Cay. We are working closely with the principal of Cooperstown Junior High School and Cooperstown High School, as well as the administration of the Foxtown Primary School. Just yesterday, a large generator donated through EWF was hooked up and load-tested at Foxtown Primary School, supplying for the first time since the disaster enough power to help support classes, which only recently resumed there.

For all of the middle and high school students whose facilities were damaged heavily, there still is no school fit to attend, though it is among the local leadership’s top priorities to change that. Scott was back in Abaco Monday, and he met with the principal of the Sherlin Bootle School in Cooperstown. While he and his staff are trying hard to set up a virtual classroom for 75-100 local children, there is no running water yet, not even to flush the toilets. EWF has another duplicate sized generator being hooked up there this week, but with the size of the campus, one is not enough. These big generators are needed to get their facilities working again and needed to ensure backup power for future power failures.

Though many have helped with volunteer labor and invaluable donations, we are still in need of targeted financial and physical donations. We are grateful for the recently donated resources from our partner companies, Polyglass and Eastern Metal Supply. Currently we have an immediate need for sponsors of the following projects:

• Generators: 2-additional 25 kw industrial/military spec, including servicing, load testing, shipping, trucking, and installation via a Bahamian electrician – Cost: $30,000
• Shipping for 2,000+ rolls of peel and stick roofing material to assist over 1,000 homes with partial roof repairs - including all local transport, shipping, and Bahamas transport – Cost: $8,000
• Shipping for hurricane shutters for more than 100 homes including local transport, shipping and Bahamas transport – Cost: $5,500
• Sponsorship of Restoration of the Sherlin Bootle School campus – up to $300,000 for repair and upgrades of facilities, such as adding air conditioners to each classroom, furniture, sports field restoration and equipment, generators, school supplies, books, laptops, internet access via satellite, playground equipment, etc.

We are committed to the long-term recovery process of restoring and revitalizing these communities physically, mentally and spiritually. Your contributions directly impact many lives and you can leave a lasting legacy by donating to improve living conditions, educational facilities, and revitalizing local economies. We are grateful for your consideration and partnership in our mission to help local survivors help themselves. Thank you for providing critical support and thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to date!

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